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Holy ***. I have never had to try to *** hard to pay a bill in my LIFE.

Your online payment system is so unnecessarily complicated, and I'm not some poor old lady trying to figure it out for the first time. Simplify it, please. Before I light my phone/computer on fire. I tried so many times to make an online payment through western union, every time I tried, there was some error that I didn't even understand, or said I couldn't process my debit card as a debit card.

Omg. And don't even get me started on the phone payment process....takes me like 30 minutes every time. I could just scream. I finally thought I was successfully making a bank transfer payment....then a message popped up that said "you are now enrolled in automatic bank transfers." Not ideal.

Not ideal at all. So I'm thinking "I'll just unenroll real quick and try this again." NOPE. They don't let you opt out of automatic payments until the date that its set to begin? Wtf?

So the date that its scheduled to begin rolls around....STILL wont let me opt out. Still hasnt even automatically paid my gd bill.....what the *** do you expect me to do. I'm not gonna continue to jump through hoops just to give you my *** money. I don't get mad enough to write reviews very often.

And I'm more afraid than mad-I'm afraid I'll descend slowly into madness if I have to deal with this one more time. Maybe I'll just make my boyfriend do it so I don't end up in the bin.

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I feel your pain. For GODSAKE why can't they store my banking info for quick payment...but no I need to dig around my junk drawer once a freakin' month to find the check book.

Customer Service is a Joke. Too bad we are stuck with these a-holes.

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