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I live in a small town in CO located on the Eastern plains. The only gas company that can deliver service to this area is Black Hills Energy.

Up until about 2 months ago, I never had a problem. My payment is due on the first of every month. I paid my payment for November at 6:00 in the morning on the 1st. When I went to leave my house at 9:00 am, there was a disonnect notice on my door.

I called and I was told that I should have called them to let them know that I made the payment. I asked how I would know to do that and the customer service rep said I should just have known...?? I was then told that in order to get my gas turned back on I would need to pay another deposit (obviosuly the $197 deposit I paid when it got turned on was not enough) I asked her why I had to pay the second deposit when I already paid one....once again...she said I just had too...she had no answers! So, I paid the other deposit which was $85 plus, another $87 for some other fee...never got told what that was.

THEN....They wanted the payment I made earlier in the morning because they said that it didn't exist. Eventhough, I had already checked my bank account and the money came out and went to them....they STILL insisted they never got it and it didnt exist. NOW...this month, I called on the 3rd to make my payment for January and I was told that they were turning my gas off again because it wasn't paid on the 1st. When I told them I didn't get paid until the 2nd because of the holiday, the rep threatened me again with turning it off and basiclly said they didn't care.

In addition, I asked them if they were even open on the 1st...OF COURSE NOT! So, how could I have made it anyway? This company obviously doesn't train their employees regarding co rules and regs, and they certainly haven't spent anytime teaching them how to respectfully and tactfully deal with customers.

They are apparently having financial hardship of their own and have to scam and lie to their customers to make up for the slack of the company. I hope Black Hills Energy goes bankrupt!

Product or Service Mentioned: Black Hills Energy Customer Care.

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Black Hills Energy disgustes me! They are a bunch of money hungry ***, no good at working with anyone on their bills.

Not good at costumer service at all. Very disappointed with havingto deal with them at all. I have had their service for 30+ years never had a problem until recently, went through some hardships that put me behind got my electric shut off because I was a day late! A day!!

Then had to have a 800.00 dollar deposit to even get them back on struggling to pay that and the regular bill now in the same situation of getting them shut off again when they have a deposit of almost a thousand dollars already and I’m short 295.00 wtf.

And they won’t work with me for a payment to be made 3 days after the due date all because I was 30 dollars short on a payment arrangement that I didn’t agree with but had to to get my lights turned back on. So frustrated right now!


Hello, my name is Sarah Farley. I'm a journalist student at CU Boulder and I'm working with a team to write a story about Black Hills Energy and their customer service. I would love to talk to you further and include your experience in our story.

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Hope to hear from you soon!