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I have had nothing but inconsistent inaccurate billing issues with black hills energy electric in Canon city Colorado. I am a disabled veteran with a fixed monthly income who PAYS MY BILLS!! Within the past year, I have given Blackhills energy upwards of $3000 for service! I DO NOT CONSUME that much energy! I have been without electricity since 11 july 2016 and my account is at 0 balance and they closed the account. Now im instructed to pay yet... Read more

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Holy ***. I have never had to try to *** hard to pay a bill in my LIFE. Your online payment system is so unnecessarily complicated, and I'm not some poor old lady trying to figure it out for the first time. Simplify it, please. Before I light my phone/computer on fire. I tried so many times to make an online payment through western union, every time I tried, there was some error that I didn't even understand, or said I couldn't process my debit... Read more

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My mother passed away so I called BHE to cancel her account. I was told it was simply month to month. I paid the bill and forgot it. Next month we get a bill. I call again. Told I had to have proof she passed away. I sent a copy of the Obit. Next month another bill. Called them again. Told I had to have a "Death Certificate." I sent a $15 certified copy for a $29 bill. Next month another bill. Now told I have to send proof I am the... Read more

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This is the worst customer service place I've ever dealt with. Three years ago they shut us off by *accident* when we were out of town, when they turned us back on when we got back from vacation, they'd ruined our furnace, months of appointment's with them they never fixed our furnace we had to get a new one. We just got a brand new furnace this winter. They shut us off this past Monday for $80...that we knew nothing about. No shut off notice in... Read more

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I had Energy West Service in Wyoming prior to Black Hills Energy taking over the accounts , always happy with Energy West . I call to make arrangements to pay my companies bill in January and in February both and they are not only RUDE , but ask for more information than anyone should ever give in a public forum . They would not set up a payment plan ( because I wanted to pay ONE DAY later than they wanted me to pay ) , They are more expensive... Read more

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The Black Hills Energy online billing system only allows recurring billing through a bank account or a special pinless debit card that most people don't even have. This is inconvenient and frustrating to me as a customer. It's 2016! Nearly all companies allow recurring billing on a credit card these days. Sure I can call in every month and pay with my card, but Black Hills Energy charges a fee for this. How insulting. Before BHE bought out my... Read more

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I have had the worst experiences with black hills. They are so rude they claim to be a helping company(lies). I had a bill past due from years ago knew nothing about call in and they want double my bill to even get it turned on plus my bill. We are a low income family with a child who is disabled. The stress from this company has cause me bells palsy from the stress. They have no consideration for the families we are able to pay the backed... Read more

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This company does not Do their job. If at all possible avoid this company...

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I just moved to Wichita. The only appliance using gas in my small apartment is the furnace. I did not need to start-up gas service until it started to get cold, but thought I'd have it turned on anyway. Now I find out that in addition to the $20 start-up fee they charge residents a $17 monthly fee just for having an account - you have to pay this whether you use gas or not. I would think they would have advised me of this. When I called to... Read more

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Set up account with bhp. Found out later(when i recieved no bill) they had the wrong adress. Not only that there was a 280 dollar deposit suddenly required. After 10 phone calls i get the deposit waived with the message, as long as there are no late payments on april the 22nd. Lo and behold my bill was due the 20th. thanks for absolutely nothing.

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